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Pics, pics and more pics!

Our New House
Some pictures of our new house. There are pictures of how it looked when we bought it and when we fixed it up.

This is our nursery! There are a few photos of the progress.

Sarah's Baby Shower
Some baby shower pictures.

Professional Wedding Pictures
These pictures were taken by a professional photographer.

Click Here to download all of our professional wedding pics!

Ultrasound Pictures
A few pics of our baby from the ultrasound at 20 weeks.

Put in Bay 2008
Our 2008 trip to Lake Erie. Sarah was able to come this time even though a car accident almost stopped her.

Sarah's Wrecked Car
Pictures of Sarah's Civic after being rear-ended at 40+ mph. She was stopped at a stop light. The guy that hit her didn't believe in stop lights.

Pictures of our cute little dog. He is the best dog on the planet.


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